Anne Collins DuchAs a local expert on women’s health issues and a certified MUTU Pro, Anne frequently speaks on many of the issues that affect women’s heath across their lifespan. She currently teaches and lectures at The Birth Center in Wilmington, Delaware Technical Community College and the University of Delaware Graduate Therapy Program. Anne has also been a guest speaker to many regional women’s groups.

If appointment times or travel are difficult for your schedule, consultations are also available for individuals via Telehealth.

Some lecture examples include:

Bellies, Bones, and Bottoms:

This presentation broadly touches on the issues that affect women’s health across the lifespan – specifically, postpartum deficiencies, osteoporosis, and pelvic floor dysfunction. We cover the primary causes of these common issues and how they may be addressed in an effective, non-surgical manner.

Zipping Up Your Abdominal Split:

Diastasis Rectii (abdominal split) is a common postpartum condition that can cause back pain and contribute to pelvic pain and dysfunction. This interactive lecture reviews the causes for DR, as well as effective measures for decreasing its negative effects going forward.

Exercising During Pregnancy:

This discussion covers all the questions surrounding what exercise is best to do during pregnancy and what is safe or unsafe to do as a pregnancy progresses.  Additionally, injury prevention and specific exercises to prepare for labor and delivery and postpartum recovery are highlighted.

Cesarean Birth Recovery:

One in three women in the US give birth via a Cesarean procedure. While necessary, this form of delivery can leave a new mama with belly and/or pelvic pain, as well as low back pain that is often not attributed to the Cesarean birth. This lecture will discuss incision mobilization, breath work as medicine, and proper exercise progression to help mom return to full function.

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