Meet Jennifer Briggs

Jennifer brings 20 years of extensive training in pelvic health and orthopedics, with expertise and special interest in treating the wide range of pelvic pain conditions, bowel symptoms and colorectal disorders, pelvic organ prolapse, osteoporosis management, pregnancy and postpartum musculoskeletal dysfunction, bladder symptoms (including urinary urgency/frequency/incontinence), prenatal birth preparation education and postpartum recovery, and generalized pelvic girdle/back/hip pain. 

Jennifer received her Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Degree from Duke University and B.S. Degree in Biology/Physiology and Minor in Psychology from Pennsylvania State University (Main Campus). Her professional development includes extensive coursework through various sources over the years. She considers herself a lifelong learner to ensure continued expertise and adherence to evidence based practice. Jennifer is CAPP-PELVIC Certified through the APTA Academy of Pelvic Health, certifying her achievement in pelvic floor physical therapy. To ensure demonstrated learning and commitment to her clients in prenatal and postpartum physical therapy care, she is near completion of the CAPP-OB Certification. Over the years, Jennifer has been an invited speaker at conferences on the topic of pelvic pain and pelvic health physical therapy, an educator to Ob/Gyn specialty providers and fellow PTs on the pelvic health PT specialty, an invited book reviewer on the topic of sexual pain and spine, and has co-authored a research paper published in the APTA’s Journal of Women’s Health Physical Therapy. In 2021, she was honored to be appointed to the Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy’s Prenatal and 4th Trimester Legislative Taskforce, which contributed to legislation addressing pelvic health PT that was introduced into the House of Representatives in 2022. Jennifer considers herself an advocate for prenatal/4th trimester awareness and pelvic health awareness throughout the lifespan, including during menopause transition/menopause. Her passion is pelvic and women’s health, including education and advocacy related to these services. One of her life missions is for every woman to know the option and power of pelvic health and peri-natal physical therapy. 

Jennifer believes it is a huge honor to be a part of the care team for each of her patients and has extreme gratitude for every client that entrusts her with their care. Her mission is for every patient she works with to feel listened to, to have hope, and to feel empowered to be at their very best through the various changes that can (and do) occur over their lifetime. She welcomes each new client to her practice and believes in making lasting relationships with you. She also believes in the importance of collaboration with other medical practitioners in the area to complete the circle of care. Her goal is to empower patients with education, exercises, and PT interventions so they are on the road to recovery and independence as swiftly as possible. She will work together with you to determine the plan that is best for you. She strives to follow evidence-based practice, aligned with what she has learned through her clinical experience, to provide you the best PT care possible. 

Outside of work, Jen enjoys adventures with her husband and children. She loves cheering on her active son and daughter in all their endeavors, hiking, enjoying time in nature, traveling, playing piano, reading, healthy cooking, watching the game of basketball, creating new memories with family and friends, laughing, and enjoying life.