Post Partum Physical Care E-Book

August 12, 2019


The first 4 weeks postpartum is about being comfortable and managing any symptoms that may arise while giving your body time to heal and recover. (So, no jumping ahead!) We will start to get you moving in that 4-6-week period and then once your body is healed, 6-16 weeks promises to bring another increase in movement and intensity. Enjoy this special time with your newborn, but Mama, this brochure is all about you! Be well!

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Your newborn will need lots of love and attention and so will you. Taking care of yourself during your initial postpartum period is something that is often overlooked but is an important part of your recovery and well-being. I strongly recommend that new mamas not rush into “working out” or try to “bounce back” into shape, but instead follow the protocol that I have developed for your first 16 weeks postpartum.

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